The Brand

“Les Croquants” was the name given to rebellious peasants in South West France during the XVI and XVII centuries and in particular to the peasants of the Perigord, Limousin and Quercy regions.

Driven by great misery and subjected to heavy taxes and feudal rights, they took up arms. The uprisings which were taking place in the countryside reached as far as the Agen and Rouergue areas. Peace was eventually restored in 1637 following the waiver of overdue taxes and the subsequent reduction in taxes.

Tomme des Croquants is produced using cheese-making methods steeped in the savoir-faire of these territories. It pays tribute to these people, the coarse, rebellious but generous peasants.

Tomme des Croquants is made from pasteurised whole cow’s milk and comes in a natural traditional shape. It is available in different varieties and maturities: it’s a soft and creamy pressed cheese which is particularly tender.