Summer Truffle Raclette des Croquants

From October to March, the Raclette des Croquants will delight enthusiasts of cosy raclette evenings with friends. Its runny texture and subtle truffle taste marries wonderfully with the best charcuteries and jacket potatoes.

“This mushroom, famous for its aphrodisiac and healing properties was nicknamed “the daughter of lightning” by the Romans, who particularly enjoyed its taste. It took pride of place on Lucullus’s table and featured in several recipes provided by the famous Apicius. Considered by the Church as the “devil’s mushroom”, regarded as witches’ fayre, it disappeared from medieval cookery books only to reappear on royal tables in the XIV century. Legend has it that an officer in Napoleon’s guard brought him a satchel-full of truffles from his native Sarlat. As if by chance, nine months later, Marie-Louise gave birth to an heir, the king of Rome. Alexandre Dumas describes it aptly: “It can, in certain instances, make women more tender and men kinder”.” (1)

(1)La cuisine gourmande d’autrefois, Pierre Baron, Express Roularta Éditions et Historia, Paris, 2010.

Cheese characteristics:

  • Type of milk: whole cow’s milk, pasteurised.
  • Family: pressed uncooked cheese

Summer Truffle Raclette des Croquants

  • Diameter: 23 cm, thickness : 7cm, weight : 5 kg
  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Appearance: dark rind. Hard, slightly crumbly cheese
  • Taste: hints of hazelnut
  • Maturation period: 12 months
  • Fat content: 32 % of total weight