Plain Tomme des Croquants

This is a pressed uncooked cow’s milk cheese. It is produced in the shape of a wheel, 19 cm in diameter, 5cm thick and 3kg in weight. It is covered in a very soft orangey rind and is characterised by its soft and creamy inside, which is ochre-yellow in colour, and has a slightly woody taste. It is made with whole cow’s milk and will appeal to lovers of creamy cheeses. The plain Tomme des Croquants is matured for a minimum of 8 weeks during which time it is rubbed and turned 3 times before it’s put to market.

Characteristics of the cheeses:

  • Type of milk: pasteurised whole cow’s milk
  • Family : uncooked pressed cheeses

Plain Tomme des Croquants:

  • Diameter: 19 cm, thickness: 5 cm, weight: 3 kg
  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Appearance: orangey and moist rind, very soft.
  • Taste: soft and creamy
  • Maturationperiod: 8 – 12 weeks.